November 17, 2006

MRNP Flood Damage

Not to keep harping on this but the flood damage is so devastating, particularly at Mount Rainier National Park. This has already become the wettest November on record for Seattle, and is very close to becoming the wettest of any month at all. And there's more storms coming.

These photos are from the National Park Service for MRNP. I am very glad that I spent so much time there this fall, because it may be a year before some of these roads are open again.

Eastside Road (SR-123):

Eastside Road Washout
Eastside Road Landslide

Grove of the Patriarchs:

Suspension Bridge Damage
Damaged Boardwalk in Mud


Destroyed Picnic Table in Ohanapecosh Campground
Logjam on Ohanapecosh River

Carbon River:

Carbon River Road Washout
Ipsut Cabin Washout
Ipsut Cabin in Mud


Longmire Road Washout
Longmire Road at Former Site of Sunshine Point Campground
Longmire Road Washout


Flooding on SR-410
Flooding and Downed Trees on SR-410

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