April 09, 2007

Southwest Utah, Summary

I took a week long photo vacation in southwest Utah, focusing primarily on Zion National Park. The scenery in Zion was much more varied than I expected, and when the weather cooperated, I had plenty of subjects to shoot.

There were mountains...

Court of the Patriarchs, SunriseCourt of the PatriarchsIsaac and Abraham Peaks, Sunrise
The Great White ThroneStreaked WallThe Sentinel
Angels Rest

And canyons...

Shallow CanyonCanyon Wall and PoolCanyon Wall and Pool

And rock patterns and formations...

Pine Tree and Cliff FaceStriated Rock and ShrubRock Patterns and ShrubArch and Dead Tree
Ridge and CottonwoodArch and Cottonwood

And silhouettes...

Silhouette on Cathedral MountainThe Pulpit SilhouetteObservation Point Silhouette

And even water...

The Watchman and Virgin RiverVirgin RiverCascade on Virgin RiverArch, Rocks and Pool
Rocks and PoolUpper Emerald Pool

But I didn't spend all my time in Zion. I ventured into Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument as well...

Weathered Cliff Face and PlantWeathered Cliff Face and PlantUnnamed CanyonStriated Rock and Boulders

And I particuarly enjoyed the Paria Homesite area...

Mesa and Hills at PariaMesa and Hills at PariaRock Formation and Hills at PariaMesa and Hills at Paria

But my favorite part of the entire trip was the storm breaking at Kolob Canyons...

Nagunt MesaNagunt Mesa ValleyShuntavi Point
Shuntavi Point and Stapley PointTimber Top MountainTimber Top Mountain and Shuntavi Point
Shuntavi PointCanyon on South Fork Taylor Creek

A detailed account of my trip is available here:
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

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